World celebrities are known for their flashy lifestyle, extravagant spending and their desire to get luxurious first-class treatment in hotels and even in their own homes. There’s no better way to get celebrity treatment in the hospitality industry than from a celebrity himself. Get top class treatment and services in the leading luxury hotels in the world, and you may be even lucky to bump into your favorite celeb. Here are ten hotels owned by celebs we didn’t know are entrepreneurs. 

1. Olivia Newton’s Gaia Retreat and Spa

The English-Australian singer, songwriter and actress started pursuing the idea of having a spiritual wellness establishment long before any other celebs started venturing into the business. Her vision led to the creation of Gaia; a retreat camp on the hills of the gold coast of the kangaroo motherland. Her idea was to have a place surrounded by nature, and where wounded, weary souls and those searching for meaning can heal mind, body, and soul. 


The place has an outstanding personalized service where the staff knows you by name and become instant friends. The location of the resort is exceptional as it stands on a mountain allowing you a clear view of the sloping verdant farmland and pasture. The food is served to be delicious and always visually attractive, and the suits are well structured to give you an experience of a lifetime. The overall goal is to ensure that you reach your wellness goal and leave the place feeling better and rejuvenated. Let’s not leave out the darling of the area which is Australia’s leading spa found in Gaia.

2. Hugh Jackman’s Gwinganna

The Australian actor known for his role in the X-men Franchise as the wolverine has his way of giving back to the world by offering you an experience to escape the hassles of the modern world and get an opportunity to reboot in Gwinganna. The lifestyle retreat resort is one of the top ten most luxurious hotels globally and its contribution in soothing the soul and motivates you to live a healthier life. Get connected to nature and enjoy the scenic view of the coast and the surrounding valley. Located in Queensland gold coast, Gwinganna is the place to escape for the rest of your life and find endless peace and luxurious treatment.

3. Elizabeth Hurley’s No. 11 Cadogan Gardens

Although the hotel was formerly owned by actress, model and brand ambassador Elizabeth Hurley, it still embodies her style, passion and intricate sophistication. The hotel boasts about its unique interior design fitted in 56 novel guest rooms decorated with items from all around the globe and oozes with opulence. The hotel offers the royalty experience and takes you to a world that can make it seem a dream. Get to Cadogan and rest assured of 10k like on your Instagram.


4. Robert Redford’s Sundance 

Located in the Mt. Utah Sundance is the absolute place when it comes to the mountain experience of wildlife, activities and epic safari kind of pleasure. Sundance allows you to have the best experience in activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, biking, hiking and even horseback riding in the summer. The Sundance cottages are strategically positioned on the mountain and allow you to seep in nature and all its splendor. It also has a Forbes four-star restaurant, a dining in the tree room and a foundry grill to die for. With an all-around fully packed and epic experience, Sundance is surely the place you wish you had known years ago.

5. Leonardo Decaprio’s Blackadore Caye

Located on the island of Belize, the hideaway eco-resort is meant to be fully operational by 2018. The Titanic actor’s resort is intended to offer the luxurious experience in an environment that is natural and eco-friendly to protect and even work for the ecosystem fully. It will have a total of 36 bookable bungalows, 36 residential homes. A permanent staff of 400 people is expected to be working in the resort and ensure guest get first class treatment and services. Blackdore Caye is also meant to offer its clients complete escape and make them comfortable in this kind of heaven.

6. Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel

The Greenwich hotel enjoys its significant location in Tribeca which is the hub of entertainment in downtown New York. The hotel is one of a kind of rooms uniquely designed to achieve a top class appearance. There are 88 rooms inclusive of the 13 luxurious suites which are all different. Let’s not fail to mention the amazingly delicious meals, wine, and exquisite Japanese style spa. The rooms come with exciting snacks and accessories such as books. If there’s a place you’ll desire to everlastingly sleep, then this is the right place.

7. Giorgio Armani’s Armani Hotel Milano

Offering a home away from home experience, Armani Hotel Milano is a luxurious comfort hotel which provides the lifestyle philosophy of Armani himself. The hotel has 95 guestroom and suites included. The hotel ensures you have a personalized stay with a customized, unique spa treatment which is 100sq meters of beauty at the top of the hotel overlooking the city. Dine at one of the most excellent restaurants in Milan. Enjoy the nice sight of the floor to ceiling glass window which offers a breath-taking wide view of the rooftops of the gracious building of Milan.

8. Francis Ford Coppola’s Palazzo Margherita

The God Father Director has invested in ensuring you are amazed straight from the temple of Jerusalem gates. The glorious redecorated lavish rooms and suites are fitted with both local and foreign design allowing most rooms to have terraces, balconies and large bathrooms and each room being different and carrying a unique attribute.

9. Andy Murray’s Cromlix


The fifteen bedroom property walked away with Scottish Hotel Awards. The five-star hotel is seated among beautiful vegetation, and a tennis court and the green gives you an awe sight. The place is an ideal wedding venue due to the 34 acres of beautiful private garden. Outstanding food is served by the famous French chef Albert Roux, and the hotel offers an ideal environment for relaxing and unwinding.

10. Richard Gere’s Bedford Post Inn

The slender farmhouse like the establishment is one where you relax, loosen up and forget all the problems from the office and the busy city life. Bedford has an eye-catching pallet and well-organized rooms making them look larger than they are. The eight rooms spread on two floors have crazy facilities such as large bathrooms, humongous tubs, underfoot heating and walk-in showers. There is excellent food from one of the top chefs, and the place makes you long for more.

Get to experience the adventure of a lifetime by spending just one night in one of these hotels and get the Kardashian kind of celebrity treatment.