Imagine yourself leaving the office after a long busy work intensive excruciating day, and all your muscles demand a place just to lie down and relax. There’s no better way than sinking your body in a warm bubble bath but not in just any tub but one of the finest in the world.  Here are some of the world’s hotels with insanely extravagant bathtubs that can leave you sparkling like gold.

1. The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas, USA


The tubs in the unique penthouses in the cosmopolitan are well-structured tubs that will fill you with excitement and confusion. With its blue UFO appearance, you may think you’ll head to the moon as you warm your skin in the warm bubbling water. The tubs design incorporates an incomparable oval design of blue and white side that offers you an impressive view of the skyscrapers of Las Vegas as you sip some champagne.

2. Crown Towers Perth


As one of the most expensive suites in Australia, having phenomenal large bathrooms with a remarkable glass window giving you an aerial view of the city from the tub. The tub is made of white marble with brown sand patterns, and the elements are decorating the walls and floors of the bathroom just add to the outstanding experience of sitting and taking in the beauty from the building below, and you look at the moon.

3. Mandarin Oriental – Shanghai, China.

This bathtub in the Mandarin Oriental is significant to the point of calling it a mini-pool and reminds us of the baths used by the ancient Roman Pilates. The marble tub is significantly placed in the middle of a sizeable well-decorated bathroom which is almost 50-sqm which is entirely made of marble and overlooking the vibrant colors of the city. The design of the whole presidential suite aims to fit both traditional and contemporary aspects of Chinese architecture.

4. Ponta dos Ganchos Resort – Brazil

This is surely the place to rest your bones after a long day of surfing and snorkeling as you sip in the beautiful scenic view of the sea, the setting warm sun on your face as you sit on your tub. The bathroom made of garapeira-wood enjoys an open layout from above and a large window which enables you to see the sky directly above you and the beautiful blue ocean beside you.

5. Signiel Seoul-Seoul – North Korea

Found on the 92nd floor of the Signiel Seoul, the suite offers a panoramic view of the expansive skyline view of the city and the magnificent Han River. The room’s design conserves Korean tradition of beauty and at that height, rest assured the experience is like no other. The bathroom comes with heated floors, white patterned marble floor, and a German-made Jacuzzi which from its position you can be able to see Mount Fuji.

6. Six Senses Zil Pasyon – Seychelles

We all know the Indian Ocean Island for its beautiful green vegetation, beaches, and white sand. The six senses Zil Pasyon a strategically positioned tub to allow you to sip in all the natural splendor as you rest your back and allow your body to sip in the warm bath water. The tub is well placed in a wooden decorated room giving it the natural appearance in tune with that outside.

7. Mandarin Oriental Paris

Located in the Royale Mandarin suite, the tub is one of a kind especially it’s positioning. A lot of creativity and effort was placed in making the suite a masterpiece. Using a palette of gold, beige, white and plum supplemented by gilded oak, lacquer, marble, silk, velvet and much more, the suite give a luxurious 1930’s look. The chic bathroom with gold cabochons strewn across the floor, a steam room and oversized bath offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city and even the Eiffel Tower.

8. Southern Ocean Lodge -Australia

Set on the cliff of an untouched coast, the Southern Ocean Lodge in Kangaroo islands blends for you a sight of both the beautiful vegetation and the ocean. The osprey Pavilion gives you an opportunity of enjoying full luxury with an exquisite panoramic view of the ocean, untouched coastal wilderness and white sands. The open bathroom has a beautiful hand sculptured granite bath, exclusive rain showers, and heated limestone floors.

9. The Oberoi Amarvilas – India

The location of the entire hotel was just perfect because of its nearness to the Taj Mahal which is a scenic spectacle. There’s no better way to see the dome-shaped roof of the Taj than from The Oberoi Amar Vilas which is only 600m away. The tub is situated just at the windows, and with no effort, you can appreciate the beauty of the Taj, the vegetation, and the roaring river Gorge. The hotel comes with polished timber floors, wood-inlay desks, and handcrafted furniture.

9. The Peninsula Hong Kong

Get to see the elegant Victoria harbor from a classic marble bathtub which is well designed to protrude slightly from the building perpendicularly and birthed with natural light during the day. The view from the tub is quite breath-taking and can make you reconsider getting out of the tub.

10. The Tryall Club-Montego bay – Jamaica

Located a bit high on the small mountains of Montego Bay, The Tyrall is a well designed to make the residents feel as if they are in a real wild safari. The marble bathtub is just at the end of a folding wall which allows you to see the greens and trees in the valley below as you sink in the bubbling water. Tyrall offers an epic experience even in little things like taking a shower.

Those are our top most extravagant bathtubs in the world which offer you a scenic view which cannot be found just anywhere in the world. Back some few thousand dollar bills and fly to soak your stressed body and mind in one of those beautiful tubs.