Hermes Birkin : Originally a saddlery company founded by Thierry Hermès, his signature brand has evolved into a fashion powerhouse defined by its fine craftsmanship and impeccable taste. From producing saddles, whips and spurs in 1837, their product lines have since expanded to include jewelry, scarves, home decor and apparel. Their timeless aesthetic has appealed to aristocrats (Queen Elizabeth II is said to have a penchant for their printed-silk scarves) and individuals with sophisticated taste.  For instance, the late Grace Kelly – who was an exquisite beauty and a regal American actress – was among the number of notable personalities in the entertainment industry known to possess a Hermès handbag.

Grace, like Jane Birkin, was one of the two women who had a Hermès handbag named after them. However, unlike Grace, Jane was involved in designing her namesake. A prominent British actress and entertainer, Birkin’s arbitrary encounter with Hermès’ then chief executive, Jean-Louis Dumas, during a London-bound airplane flight inspired the design behind the Birkin bag.