In addition to being identified by its signature red double-decker buses, quaint telephone booths and its monarchy, London is also the birthplace of Rolex. Hans Wilsdorf who envisioned wristwatches during an epoch dominated by pocket watches founded Rolex on the premise of creating polished watches that would convey the accurate time. After mastering chronometric precision and receiving acknowledgment from Bienne’s Official Watch Rating Centre, Rolex went on to pioneer the self-winding wrist chronometer. Intent on re-defining the capabilities of a watch, the brand partnered with a diverse number of athletes to demonstrate the extent of its technical functionality and later created watches tailored for specific activities including mountain climbing and deep-sea diving.

Being the initial watch designed for divers, the 1953 Submariner Rolex was able to withstand watery depths of up to 100 meters and contained a rotatable bezel for reading immersion time. Since then, this watch model has advanced to incorporate further patented innovations. Practical without compromising aesthetics, Rolex has managed to produce elegant timepieces that are able to withstand rigorous conditions and appeal to men and women alike, a triumph that has secured Rolex’s position as the leading authority on watches.