They roar like lions in the jungle and cut the road with the stealth of a dragon in the wind. Their bodies embody sophistication, fun and sexiness and are everything you will need to be packed in one beautiful machine. Modern café racer bikes have always had a captivating awe on the audience; one for their speed, two for their fancy and elegant design and three for the adrenaline rush they send to both the audience in the races and the racers. Here are 12 best modern café racer bikes we recommend you to have in your garage.

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

This champion ride is not only spectacular because of her beauty but also because of its hybrid features of incorporating the classic design of the café bikes and the modern technologies rendering it the best. With a 5-speed transmission, 90 degrees V-twin 4-stroke the bike has a maximum speed of 115mph. Its light weight makes it easy to glide on the road and accelerate to its top speed within a short time. When looking for beauty and speed, then you have the right bike.

Triumph Thruxton

The Thruxton is another beast when it comes to cafe racer bikes. Although its 214kg weight works against it, this is equated by a strong and powerful 865cc parallel-twin giving it more power to move. It’s worth it for guys who would wish to buy and start riding and even those who would wish to customize it to their appeal

Triumph Thruxton R

This baby is an improved version of the Triumph Thruxton. It’s lighter and faster. With a 6-speed gearbox, newly customize 1200cc engine, multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, the R is equipped with state of the art technology for increased performance and an enhanced kicked up back end to give the rider an engaged riding position

Royal Enfiel Continental GT

The Enfiel is the best bike if you are looking for beauty which is affordable. At a price of just $8,300, you get a machine with a 5-speed gearbox, digital electronic ignition, single cylinder, 4stroke, air-cooled engine and a 44 Nm @ 4000rpm torque. This baby can go as fast as you want so long as you can keep your eyes open.

Ducati Sport1000

The Ducati sport1000 is a metallic cheetah; attributed by its light dry weight of 179kg, fifteen-litre fuel capacity, 6-speed transmission gearbox, a Marelli electronic ignition, air-cooled cooling system and a powerful four stroke 90° ‘L’ twin cylinder, desmodromic 4 valves per cylinder engine.

BMW R nineT

This beautiful BMW is an eye for many of the racer who like customizing their bikes, and it does the job well. With a 1170cc air-cooled engine and 6-speed dry clutch transmission. Although the bike is a bit heavy with a dry weight of 220kg, its speed makes it appear light on the road.

Norton Commando 961

This beautiful beast carrying OHV pre-unit parallel twin 2 cylinder engine, 4-speed transmission and its light dry weight of 190kg allow it to fly on the road. Its impressive bodily feature makes it attractive for everyday driving, and its speed will pump in some adrenaline.

Ducati Scrambler

The bike represents everything you want from a bike that behaves like a rocket taking off to the moon. The engine itself if crazy; L-twin, desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air cooled. The bike is specifically designed with a classic look like mirrors attached to the handlebars and specially designed seat covers for the passengers.

Triumph Scrambler

This beauty comes with an arresting feature which is an excellent for an everyday drive. It also comes with an impressive seat for the rider that is good for short to medium trips. The scramble has an 865cc, DOHC, eight valves, air cooled engine with a smooth power delivery. The bike is also built tough to enable it to maneuver easily on tough terrain.

Kawasaki W800

When it comes to blending high-tech with vintage design, then the Kawasaki is our girl. With a 773cc twin four-stroke engine, 5-speed gearbox, air cooling system, digital ignition and a forced lubrication system. All of these leave this beauty with the ability to run on the road for long distances.

Yamaha XSR700

The site itself tells you everything you’ve ever dreamt of when it comes to bikes. Built on yesterday’s memories and the future’s technology, this bike is meant to stay for a very long time. Adopting from our cross-plane philosophy, the bike has a 689cc 2-cylinder engine which is a couple by a linear torque which makes accelerate outstandingly.

Yamaha XSR900

An improved version of the XSR700; just imagine what it looks and feels like. Its 850cc engine is in line with 3-cylinder, CP3 cross-plane principle gives it fantastic acceleration capability. It remains to be Yamaha’s latest engineering milestone.


Which café racer bike fits your desire to sore the roads and experience an exhilarating feeling of gliding on the road with the best of the best in the racing world?