Everyone knows parking is mission possible in New York City, even for the super riches can be a struggle.  That is why developers Girona Ventures and Wonder Works came up with this gimmick to stress on why you want this $29.5 million townhouse.

Complementary Bentley

This nearly $30 million Manhattan townhouse has its own two-car garage, fitting our own car and a complementary  $500,000 Bentley Continental GT.


The $29.5 Million Concrete Jungle

The 11,000-square-foot townhouse itself has five bedrooms and eleven bathrooms providing high-end amenities such as yoga studio, pool, sauna and steam room.


Probably the most favourite spot is the ceiling to floor fabulous kitchen with a $50,000 chandelier imported from Italy.


Look it the other way, you may take $1 million off the townhouse, as some parking spaces in Manhattan have recorded sold for over $1 million.  Despite the luxury price, New York is a concrete jungle where dreams are made off after all and it’s probably worth it.