JR East’s POKÉMON with YOU train will be the perfect day trip during your next visit to Japan.  The new train will start operating on July 15th in the Tohoku region, and it comes with a hearty mission.  The lovely themed train is set to relieve the Tohoku region, especially for the children, since the devastated earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Inside The New Pokémon Train

Hands down to JR East for their continuous upbringing commitment by replacing the original train with newer updates and colourful train.  The new train is covered in the famous Pikachu yellow and himself!

Routing and Ticketing


The train is available through Japan Rail Pass purchase for the JR Ofunato Line from Tokyo to Ichinoseki, and it takes 2 hours for one-way.  Tickets purchase are ONLY available within Japan and go on sale a month prior.  If you have already purchased the JR Pass you will need additional charge to board on the Pokémon train.

So start planning and bring back your childhood memory. Gotta Catch’em All!